W.S.O. Team
Women Serving Others

"Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular." I Cor. 12:27

Our first meeting for 2009 was held on Tuesday, January 27th at 7: 00 pm in the Calkins Baptist Church Annex.
We would like to thank all the ladies of the church who came out to join our group. Your attendance and participation is greatly appreciated!
If you were not able to attend but would like to participate, please see Molly.
If you would like to be included in one of the groups listed below, please let Molly know, and/or also email 'webmaster@cubc.us' with your information.

What is "W.S.O."? The purpose of this group is to develop women of God with a close, growing walk with Christ. Also, to form a team of ladies willing to use their God-given talents and abilities to serve Christ through the local church in order to reach people with the gospel. All ladies are encouraged to attend. Please pray that God would show you the special talents and abilities you have that you can use for Him. We've given you a small list here (see below) to get you started thinking, but prayer is the key!
Prayer & Missionary Update: Don't forget the Women's Prayer Meeting, Tuesdays 8:30 am at the Parsonage. If some would like to come at a different time, please let Molly know.
Current Events: Valentine Banquet needs - white tulle, rose garland, ivy garland, evergreen trees, large vases (18in. +), white christmas lights. Please label all items. Set up on Wednesday night (tables), Thursday/Friday nights (decor). Help cleaning up is also needed.
Upcoming Events:
  • Possible cleaning day in March
  • Missionary Conference: April 1 - 5; Coordinator(s) needed to decorate, promote and advertise; Ideas for a theme; People to host the missionaries
  • Ladies' Day Out: Saturday, May 2; We are thinking of returning to Marshall's Creek to see Pocono Candle, Country Store, Crossings, as well as have lunch together. Join us!
  • VBS: June 22-26; Polar Extremes - All of me, All-out for God; If you would like to join us, sign up!
  • Next Meeting: We would like to meet the 4th week each quarter (April, July, October). What day is best: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday?

There are many others besides what are listed here...What do you enjoy doing and do well? You could be of service to the Lord and the body of Christ.
Praying Keeping track of supplies
Talking on the phone Crochet/Knit/Handcrafts
Visiting Driving
Computer skills Hosting showers (wedding,
Inviting baby,etc.)
Working with Elderly Bulletin boards
Artistic,Visual Family Nights
Organizer Bible Studies
Hosting others in home Organizing food for events
Writing cards Missionary Liason (get info
Flowers out)
Cleaning for someone Reading (Church library)
Working with children Nursery
Decorating Junior Church
Cooking/Baking Sunday School Contest