"A Young Wife's View of Calvary"

Hello, my name is Miriam. You will not find me in the Bible, though I am closely connected with one of the greatest events in all of God's Word. My husband, whose name was Joel, was a zealot, which meant that he believed Israel should be free from Roman oppression. All of us in Israel would love to see our land free from the pagans, but my Joel decided to fight for that cause.

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"Tragedy: A Monster or a Lamb?"

Stephanie Michaels had just graduated from high school when she moved to New York City to attend a modeling school. While there she fell in love with a handsome young policeman named Ryan Jenkins. While still in his early twenties, he was already rapidly moving up in the NYPD, and had an eye on eventually being the Commissioner.

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"An Angel's View of the Cross"

[ The reader will please note that the following story is completely fictional, and is solely based upon the author's imagination combined with some Scriptural references that have stirred his interest. The author is well aware that any human speculation into the realm of spirit beings will fall well short of reality. His hope is that this story will give the reader a greater appreciation for the miracle of the cross. Readers can check endnotes for more information. ]

If you have never thought about
1 Peter 1:11,12, you may not realize that we angels were not given any prior knowledge as to what would happen to Christ during His passion. Therefore, we were as shocked as you humans were to see what was taking place. My first inkling that something big was about to happen was when I was allowed by God the Father (I will call Him by His Old Testament name of Yahweh) to listen in on a conversation that Satan was having with several of his leading demons. You should understand that Satan and his hordes realize that Yahweh knows all, and therefore do not restrict our access when Yahweh decrees we attend their meetings. In recent days before this gathering, I had seen Satan looking downtrodden. He had lost big in the wilderness during his uninterrupted forty days of tempting Christ, he had been losing souls all over Israel and the surrounding nations, and I could tell he looked beaten.

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